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Please Forgive This. A Film Podcast. About Films.

Jan 30, 2020

Hey Gang! Great moments. Are Born. From Great Opportunity. Oh wait that's that other movie. This one is the 1982 classic The Thing starring Kurt Russell. Bri loves this movie so much he didn't even ask Chris or Jer how they're doing. For the record, Chris is doing good as usual, Jer couldn't be reached to confirm but is likely doing "terrible". Things discussed: Kurt Russell almost didn't star in this movie; we talk the score, the unused score, and The Hateful Eight; Roger Ebert; Dean Cundey; John Carpenter; Bennings original death and why they changed it; some side talk about Castle Rock and Fargo the FX Series. Also, a brief retrospective to when Jer was wrong.


Please Forgive This is a Film Podcast. About Films.

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