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Please Forgive This. A Film Podcast. About Films.

Nov 7, 2019

Hey Gang! Join us as we give thanks this T.Hanksgiving as we discuss movies starring your favorite deputy, Tom Hanks. The twist is, the movies are all pre-1992! Doesn't that sound fun? We thought so too.  

Anywho, we are so thankful for you that we jam-packed 2 episodes into this one! Its the 1989 classic The Burbs (Jer's pick) and the 1986 classic The Money Pit (Bri's pick). Don't worry gang, we will have a short intermission in between each discussion while we flip the cassette tape. We hope you enjoy both, but we'll put a poll up and let you vote on which one you thought we did better. Whoever loses will be put on a probationary status where they will not be allowed to make picks for one month.  

  • (11:41) - The gang settles an old score
  • (38:05) - Intermission


Please Forgive This is a Film Podcast. About Films.