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Please Forgive This. A Film Podcast. About Films.

Oct 31, 2019

Hey Gang! Episode 313 just escaped Smith's Grove Sanitarium and is on its way to come kill you! It's that 1978 classic, cult classic, horror classic - Halloween, written and directed by John Carpenter and starring Michael Myers. Oh he's not real? Well thank goodness!  

Jer was not wrong in saying that this is his favorite movie of all time. IN THIS EPISODE: The history of this film, the title, the mask, filming it, everything. Also: what is John Carpenter up to these days? How stupid did Michael look while he was running? Why is Dr. Loomis so angry? How did they come about casting Jamie Lee Curtis? Why can't Michael die? What did we think about the sequels? We take a stab at these questions and more! (DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)


Please Forgive This is a Film Podcast. About Films.